what is the enneagram06

What is Enneagram type | Part 6

Type 1 | EGO STRUCTURE Illustrated below is the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns of Enneagram type 1, along with the particular way type 1’s Ego-structure interferes with their spiritual attunement. The Art of Typing | This blog is an

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development tip_kidness-01-01

Development | kindness

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ~ Aesop Kindness has many definitions: empathy, concern, gentleness, and more. Here are ways each enneatype benefits from more kindness. Enneagram Ones For Ones, kindness needs to start with

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what is the enneagram5-02

What is Enneagram type | Part 5

Type 1 | EGO STRUCTURE Illustrated below is the Ego structure for type 1: the specific false reality, the unique worldview, the ego ideal, the deep unmet longing, the thirst and avoidance, and the primary defense mechanism. Part 6 blog

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what is the enneagram4-01

What is Enneagram type | Part 4

MORE ABOUT EGO STRUCTURES In addition to the higher level architecture that is true for all 9 types, all Enneagram types also have a specific pattern of thinking (fixation) and feeling (passion), predictable behavioral patterns but in three variations based

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what is the enneagram-cover-01

What is Enneagram type | Part 3

WHAT IS EGO STRUCTURE? Each of the nine Enneagram types has its own Ego structure, but there is a higher level architecture that is true for all 9 types: a specific false reality, a unique worldview, an ego ideal, a

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development tip_courage

Development | courage

Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne Real courage is not avoiding what scares us most, then thinking we are full of courage. Neither is courage doing something terribly risky for the primary purpose of

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what is the enneagram-v3-01

What is Enneagram type | Part 2

WHAT IS EGO STRUCTURE? The term “Ego” has many definitions, but the one applicable to the Enneagram derives from both Freudian psychology and spiritual traditions. The nine Enneagram types represent nine distinct aspects of the human Ego. The Psychological Ego

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what is the enneagram-01-01

What is Enneagram type | Part 1

IS THE ENNEAGRAM PERSONALITY, CHARACTER OR EGO STRUCTURE? The Enneagram, a profound way of understanding people from all cultures, describes the nine fundamental architectures of human beings. Although the Enneagram is often referred to as a personality system, it is

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Enneagram typing | family and culture overlays

In discovering our Enneagram types, there can often be overlays on top of our core type, family overlays and culture overlays among them. Hopefully, this blog helps to clarify some of the confusion. Family overlays There are many overlay factors

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development tip_truthfulness-01

Development | truthfulness

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~ Buddha Some say the truth will set you free. Others believe that truth is relative, depending on one’s point of view and perspective. Or, is the

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